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Admissions Information

The Office of Admissions & Student Services, located in NAC 3/223A, is the central service center of the School of Education dedicated to providing support to both graduate and undergraduate candidates.

The office is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who assist candidates with varied matters including, but not limited to, registration issues, scheduling advising appointments, review of transfer credits, appeals to the committee on course and standing, undergraduate/graduate program requirements, testing, graduation checks and other matters.

The office environment is open and welcoming with designated one-to-one advising space for candidates and faculty advisors. Extended hours of operation are scheduled during peak periods  to accommodate day and evening candidates.

More information can be found in the bulletin (undergraduate, graduate).

Please call us at (212) 650-5316/6296, or visit the Office of Admissions & Student Services (NAC 3/223A) if you need additional information or have questions.


Ms. Stacia Pusey
Assistant Dean of Enrollment & Student Services

Important School of Education Requirement

Beginning Fall 2006, all candidates taking courses in the School of Education are required to create and maintain a TaskStream account throughout the span of their enrollment in the program.

TaskStream is an on-line, web-based folio assessment system that is used by our candidates to document their learning process, and to showcase and archive digital products. Additionally, the School of Education uses TaskStream to aggregate and report data for programmatic improvement and accreditation purposes.
Accounts can be set-up by accessing the following link: If you need technical support while using TaskStream, simply call TaskStream Mentoring Services toll-free Monday through Friday from 8AM until 7PM at 1-800-311-5656.

For on-site assistance please go to the Learning and Technology Resource Center, NAC 3/226, or the Multimedia Center, NAC 4/221.

Ideally, a candidate’s TaskStream account should be set-up prior to the first day of classes.