On-Site Professional Development Services

Mathematics in the City supports schools in achieving excellence in mathematics instruction and performance in a variety of ways. Perhaps unique to our work is our on-site presence in schools. Our consultants are available to visit schools and work with teachers in their classrooms. We currently work with numerous schools in the New York City area, but we are available to also work nationally and internationally.

Our on-site work involves a sequence of visits to the school spaced throughout the year – as needed by the school. During these visits Mathematics in the City consultants may:

  • Have full staff meetings or meetings with administrators to set goals and expectations
  • Have meetings with coaches and teacher leaders to map curriculum, assessment and attend to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics
  • Co-plan lessons
  • Co-teach lessons with teachers engaged in mathematics instruction, providing feedback and next-step goals, helping teachers reflect on instruction
  • Demonstrate lessons
  • Help teachers teach all children who might have particular needs and learning goals
  • Help staff plan and understand assessments and data
  • Organize lesson study groups
  • Organize and facilitate inter-visitation between classrooms
  • Present to parent groups and organizations

On-site work is tailored to meet the needs of each individual school. We advise schools who are interested in on-site work to consider a portfolio of professional development activities throughout the year. We suggest that schools begin their affiliation with MitC by sending their teachers to one of our week-long summer professional development institutes, followed by a year-long calendar of workshops and courses in addition to on-site work.