Developing Math through Models: A Journey from K-12

Models are what we use to “speak” mathematically. In this new summer institute we will trace the development of three critical mathematical models (open number line, open array, and ratio table) from their introduction through their later iterations. First, we will frame our work in research and theory to understand what counts as a model, why models are so vital, how students begin to think with models, and what teachers much do to ensure this development. Then we will investigate how young children make sense of the models and the role of context and inquiry. As the course progresses, we will follow the models up a landscape of development — noting how the model changes as the mathematics deepens. Throughout the course we will pay attention to the role of models in inclusive classrooms, particularly in the lives of students with disabilities and emergent bilingual students.

When: Monday August 3 — Thursday August 6
Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Location: TBA (Virtual hybrid or in person at City College)
City College — 160 Convent Avenue
MITC Center — NAC Building, Room 3/217