Learning to Lead Mathematical Routines for Grades 3-­5

How do we help our students remain numerate in this new reality of interrupted or virtual schooling? In this summer institute we will study mathematical routines both in classroom and possibly online. We will work together, online, to rise to the new challenges of designing and implementing a variety of numeracy routines such as number strings, count arounds and quick images, both in person and online. We will address the increasingly widening gaps in our students’ learning, how to keep all our students engaged, including those that are most vulnerable. The routines will span from multiplicative thinking to reasoning with rational numbers, including multiplication, division and fraction routines.​ This institute will be delivered online to increase accessibility, but also to model best practices in this post covid 19 reality.

When: Monday July 6 — Thursday July 9
Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Format: Virtual hybrid
(Zoom morning meeting, break-out sessions,
off-line reading and activities, closing circle)